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Message from president

Asst. Prof. Pornpimon Wongsuk

Acting President

Welcome to Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, one to them most prestigious educational institutions in northern Thailand!

First founded in 1924 as a teacher training college, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (CMRU) is committed to constantly improving its capacity for providing the best teaching and research opportunities we can. Our major missions currently are to produce qualified teaching and occupational professionals who can serve society's rapidly changing needs.

For over ninety years, CMRU has made tangible progress towards its vision of being a leading university in teacher training and community development. A variety of undergraduate programs are offered, including those in education, humanities and social sciences, science and technology, management science, and agricultural technology. Some graduate degree programs are also offered, such as education, languages and environmental science. At present, CMRU has proven to be one of the leading multi-disciplinary universities that serves the needs of local and global communities

In addition, CMRU has expanded cooperation and collaboration with other international institutions and organizations as its vision and mission have become more international Thus, CMRU warmly welcomes international professors, researchers, students and volunteers to join the University in its missions of serving the needs of the local and global communities.

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