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Faculty of Education


The Faculty of Education develops human resources in education. Its main work covers producing graduates in education and training teachers.


In 2017, the Faculty of Education will be the model organization in producing teachers and professional educational personnel of 21st century.


1. Develop curriculum in education for undergraduate and graduate degree programs in order to serve the needs of the local community.

2. Develop academic teachers’ skills and knowledge in teaching and learning as well as research.

3. Develop the potential of students, teachers, and educational personnel to meet professional standards.

4. Develop management systems corresponding to good governance.


1. Department of Special Education
2. Department of Physical Education
3. Department of Psychology
4. Department of Curriculum and Teaching
5. Department of Education Techniques
6. Department of Childhood Education


1. Center for Teacher Training
2. Center for Special Education

Bachelor Degree Programs

  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Agriculture
  3. Music Education
  4. Chinese
  5. Thai
  6. English
  7. Art Education
  8. Dramatic Arts
  9. Social Studies
  10. Industrial Technology Education
  11. Mathematics
  12. Chemistry
  13. Biology
  14. Physics
  15. Science
  16. Computer Education
  17. Elementary Education


Faculty Administrators

Assoc.Prof. Acting Sub Lt. Sakol Kaewsiri

Dean of Faculty of Education

Acting Sub Lt. Apisit Chaimang

Vice Dean for Administration and Student Affairs

Mr.Sarot Iamsa-ard
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs


Asst.Prof. Dr.Wachira Kruakamai

Vice Dean for Policy and Planning

Faculty of Education

Mr.Surachart Tuengkad

Acting Head, Dean Office


For more information : www.edu.cmru.ac.th

Faculty of Science and Technology


The Faculty of Science and Technology produces graduates in science and applied science who can use their knowledge appropriately and morally in order to promote sustainable local development. The Faculty has learning centers and laboratories for students and local communities to discover and learn about the role of science in their lives.


The Faculty of Science and Technology aims to produce graduates with high ability to create a body of knowledge pertaining to local communities and international communities.


1. Produce graduates according to the standards of the Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education as well as professional standards.

2. Create a body of knowledge and innovative research in order to develop and promote local wisdom for international communities.

3. Be an important resource for the integration of scientific and technological knowledge for local communities.

4. Apply science and technology in order to preserve arts and culture.

5. Support and promote the missions of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.


Asst. Prof. Surasak Numeesri

Ms. Karnchana Khatajak
Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Arts and Culture

Dr. Pensri Pramukkul
Deputy Dean for Policy and Planning

Dr. Charn Yodle
Deputy Dean for Research and External Services

Dr. Wimolrat Pottraitip
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance

Ms. Kanokwan Pounglanka
Head, Dean Office


For more information : www.science.cmru.ac.th

Faculty of Agricultural Technology


The Faculty of Agricultural Technology equips graduates with sufficient knowledge of agriculture to allow them to enter the agricultural sector and serve as role models for their rural communities. Graduates of the Faculty are able to initiate successful projects with community participation for cooperative benefit.


Be a leading faculty in the development of local agriculture and agro-industry with international relevance.


1. Produce graduates in agriculture and the agro-industry and, in cooperation with other faculties to produce agricultural teachers.

2. Conduct research work to create a body of knowledge in agricultural technology for local community development.

3. Provide academic services to the community for sustainable development.

4. Support and conserve arts and culture, local wisdom as well as inherit the Royal Initiative Projects of His Majesty King.

5. Develop management system corresponding to good governance.


For more information : www.facagri.cmru.ac.th

Faculty of Management Sciences


The Faculty of Management Science graduates are trained in business administration, economics, accounting, management, and mass communication. The Faculty serves as a training center for professional development in line with the expansion of economic opportunities and challenges in the global economy.


By 2020, the Faculty of Management Science will be a leading resource in human resource development for both local and international communities.


1. Improve and develop the curriculum according to the standards of the Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education.

2. Be a producer of outstanding graduates with expertise in management science.

3. Develop lecturers, support staff, and students to be knowledge and skillful, with the capability for participating in ASEAN Economic Community.

4. Develop the Mae Sa Campus to be an effective local resource for human development.

5. Develop quality assurance systems as well as information systems for administration and decision making.

6. Develop research systems and academic services integrated with teaching and learning management.

7. Provide academic services to the community and alumni and create the cooperative academic networks.

8. Elevate the standards of the faculty journal to correspond with the standards of TCI (Thai – Journal Citation Index Center).

9. Support lecturers, support staff, and students to conserve and maintain arts, culture, and the environment as well as to practice the principles of sufficiency economy.

10. Support management corresponding to good governance.


Asst. Prof. Dejawit Nilwan


Asst. Prof. Thawatchai Boonmee

Vice Dean for Administration

Assoc. Prof Varipin Mongkolsamai

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Orakanya Kanjanatarakul

Vice Dean for Student Affairs


For more information : www.management.cmru.ac.th

International College


            Chiang Mai Rajabhat University International College was established in 2009 to provide international programs for both local and international students. The unique view on education at the International College offers students the opportunity to be the next generation of global citizens. In addition to an all-English speaking environment in classroom and a self-access language center, the International College also offers a variety of activities throughout the school year to improve both professional and language skills. Students at this college will experience international education as well as personal and professional development.

            The International College students enjoy an international environment with students from Thailand, China, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar as well as other ASEAN nations. The small classes of the college provide a supportive atmosphere to study, make friends, and develop solid character for a brighter future.


1. Offer practical academic programs that produce high quality graduates who can contribute to the well-being of a multi–cultural society through the medium of English for international learners.

2. Provide international academic services for the public to prepare for change resulting from globalization.

3. Create international networks that enhance CMRU’s academic strengths and to internationalize CMRU by considering international environments and local together.

4. Respond to the national policy of making Thailand “Asia’s educational center” by providing degree and non - degree programs through the medium of English for both Thai and non – Thai learners.

5. Promote a better understanding of Thai arts and culture as well as those of other countries.


For more information : www.inter.cmru.ac.th

Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology


Asian Development College for Community Economy and technology (adiCET) is an independent academic and R&D institution under CMRU. AdiCET aims to solve the crisis of national and global economies, natural resources, energy, and the deteriorating environment for the well-being of society. The institution offers M.S. and Ph.D. programs in community economy and technology development as well as a Post-Doctoral Research program. The Graduate programs emphasize the development and integration of new theories and practices relating to economies, renewable energy and green technologies.               

The program aims to provide real solutions for the current economic, energy, and environment challenges facing Thailand and the communities around the globe. Graduates from the adiCET programs acquire knowledge through hands-on experience by leading the development of a green community in the green City campus area. As future community leaders, researchers and developers, graduates will be able apply their skills to provide guidance to Thailand and the international communities to move toward a greener and more sustainable ways of living.

The college is located on Chiang Mai Green City (CMGC), which will be the world’s first Community-Based Green City. This is regarded as the first model community in the world that takes the environment and the need of the local community into account during the design and construction of the Green City. CMGC uses green technologies with renewable energies and strives to be fully sustainable. This community has been developed in harmony with nature together with happiness, goodness and fine aesthetics. CMGC is a real-living community park which includes housing villages, employment center, academic and research institutions, recreation and tourism area.


For more information : www.adicet.cmru.ac.th

Graduate School


The Graduate School was first founded in 1995 in order to empower local educators to enrich their professional achievements. Now it offers graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines including education, science, and social sciences.


By 2020, the Graduate School will be a leading institute for human resource development to create a body of knowledge and innovative ideas for local community development.


1.  Coordinate and collaborate with other departments efficiently in order to implement the management of graduate education.

2. Produce graduates based on the standards of the Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education and the identity of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

3. Promote advanced research.

4. Establish graduate academic networks with local, national, and international organizations. 

5. Support and promote the integration of research, community academic services, and teaching and learning.

6. Promote the conservation of arts and culture as well as natural resources.

7. Develop an efficient graduate management system based on good governance principles.


For more information : www.graduate.cmru.ac.th

Mae Hong Son College


As the aims of Chaing Mai Rajabhat University are to develop the life of local people and produce graduates with quality and potential in each field to serve the needs of local community, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University with the cooperation of the local government organizations of Mae Hong Son Province established the college in 2004.


Mae Hong Son College will be a leading educational institution for local community. development


1. Develop Mae Hong Son College to be the institution producing graduates and to provide academic services to serve the needs of Mae Hong Son Province by creating cooperative networks with local community.

2. Develop language and information technology skills for both Bachelor and Master graduates through national and international cooperation.

3. Promote and support research development as well as produce researchers to create the body of knowledge and academic service which can be integrated in the teaching and learning process in order to establish local community sustainable development with local participation.

4. Be a learning center model of the Royal Initiative Projects of His Majesty King and support Ecotourism.

5. Support and promote the awareness building of tribal youth of local arts and culture conservation and of natural resource development for sustainable benefits of local community.

6. Produce graduates in the teaching profession corresponding to the needs of the local community.

7. Develop the managing system of the college based on good governance principles.


For more information : www.msc.cmru.ac.th

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Units information

Chiangmai Rajabhat University Demonstration School


Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstration School is a part of teacher-training programs. The school provides practice-teaching opportunities to student teachers. The school also serves Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in the pursuance of educational research and development. The school offers classes from preschool to primary level.


1. Promote student’s quality in every aspect as well as to emphasize the importance of learner-centered instruction in order to maximize the benefits of the students.

2. Imbue students with morality and ethical principles promoting student life skills to survive in this society happily.

3. Promote the school to be an educational institution of learning, researching and studies for student teachers, other organizations and community around the university.

4. Arrange the environment facilitating the learning process and  offer an opportunity for community participation.

5. Support student’s good quality of life and maximize the students’ learning achievement to their potential.

6. Support lecturers and staff in terms of academic development and technology resulting in better teaching quality and good attitudes towards the teaching profession


For more information : www.satit.cmru.ac.th

Institute of Research and Development


The institute develops and promotes research development both within and outside of the University with the goal to improve the quality of people’s life in northern Thailand. The institute has established research clinics for the teaching professions leading to guidelines for future research. Additionally, there are special Teacher Training clinics, especially for classroom teachers, devoted to enhance the teaching and learning process. Teachers who have attended one of these clinics are then able to further their work in the area of research and curriculum development.


By 2018, Institute of Research and Development will be the organization promoting the undertaking of research accepted nationally and internationally.


1. Develop the transparent management system which can be examined resulting in a more efficient management system.

2. Create more researchers and to develop professional researchers.

3. Promote research projects to meet the national and the University research strategic plans.

4. Create associate networks of research and provide academic services both within and outside the University.

5. Support the publication of research works both at national and international levels.

6. Support and facilitate the integration between research, academic services, and the learning and teaching process leading to sustainable development of the local community.

7. Promote academic services, and inherit the Royal Initiative Projects of His Majesty King.

8. Develop a management system based on good governance principles.


For more information : www.research.cmru.ac.th

Office of Digital Technology for Education


The Office of Digital Technology for Education is an organization that supports knowledge and Information Technology (ICT) skills for students, lecturers, staff members and people in general. The office offers ICT training programs from basic to advanced level. The office additionally attempts to create ICT competency to reach international standard. The office also provides easily accessed digital applications known as Rajabhat Congrats Live, a mobile application used to watch live graduation ceremony from 8 Rajabhat Universities in the North of Thailand, CMRULIVE, a mobile application for watching real time video of news and activities happening in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, and CMRU RADIO, a mobile application used for listening to online radio 88.5 Chiang Mai Live FM's channel.


For more information : www.digital.cmru.ac.th

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Library


Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Library aspires to be a vibrant research and learning environment for Chiang Mai Rajabhat University students, faculty, and the wider scholarly community. CMRU Library provides access to a variety of printed academic resources, journals, as well as electronic books in order to facilitate personal discovery and the creation of new knowledge. CMRU Library staff is dedicated to encourage and facilitate the use of library materials through public programs, exhibitions, digital initiatives, and publication. With advanced technology, the library also supports innovative undergraduate and graduate learning by fostering new and various resources. The library also provides a variety of ways for the University lecturers, staff, students as well as wider scholarly community to access and explore the library’s abundant resources encouraging the skills of life long learning of its users. The library offers services of borrow, interlibrary loan, visual media, library orientation, and group study rooms.


For more information : www.lib.cmru.ac.th

Office of Arts and Culture


The office of Arts and Culture is the learning organization of Thai and Lanna culture as well as northern local wisdom. It aims to preserve, inherit, support, and publicize Lanna and northern local wisdom. It also provides learning resources to study, research, and collect information related to arts and culture of Lanna. It additionally provides short training courses related to the Thai culture such as Thai cooking class, fruit carving class, and Lanna dance class.


The Office of Arts and Culture is a well – known learning organization in Lanna Arts and Culture including old manuscripts at both domestic and international levels.


1.  Conserve and maintain Lanna arts and culture.

2.  Support and publicize Lanna arts and culture.

3.  Promote the integration of arts and culture with teaching and learning, researching and academic services.

4.  Be a resource for research and information on Lanna arts and culture as well as old manuscripts.

5. Honor Lanna wisdom resource persons in arts and culture.

6. Increase students’ awareness on natural environment and local arts conservation.

Bachelor Degree Programs

For more information : www.culture.cmru.ac.th

Language Center


As Language is a learning and communicating tool for the global society, the Language Center plays a significant role to contribute and provide academic services in various ways. The Language Center yearly provides English language training courses for academic purposes such as TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL preparation. The center also offers a number of English communicative courses such as English through Movies and English through Songs. In addition, the Language Center also provides Asian language short courses such as Survival Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Burmese.


Within 2018, the Language Center, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University will be the center of proactive potential development in terms of language.


  1. Develop language learning skills of CMRU undergraduate and graduate students as well as staff of the University.
  2. Serve as a learning information technology resource for self – study on language and culture.
  3. Deliver language services for lecturers, students, staff, and those who are interested in improving their language skills.
  4. Develop foreign language tests and become a testing center.
  5. Enhance an effective and a productive management system based on good governance principles.


The office is related to all aspects of students’ registration. It deals with admission, registration, and graduation. It is also responsible for the academic affairs and maintains the standards for academic regulations. If the students seek course enrollment, graduation enrollment, commencement enrollment, document requests (transcripts and certificates, etc.), they can come to the Office of Registrar.


For more information : www.lc.cmru.ac.th

International Affairs


The International Affairs Office was established in 1995. The office has constantly cooperated and collaborated with a number of educational institutes worldwide in many academic aspects especially the exchange programs of experts, lecturers, volunteers, and students from overseas. The international affairs office is also in charge of the hiring processes of foreign lecturers. The office also offers various services for foreign students including admission service, visa application service, counseling service considering every aspect of student life on campus.


In 2019, the International Affairs Office will be a proactive and outstanding organization in the aspect of exchanging students and education personnel exchange programs leading to the internationalization of the university.


1. Elevate the level of cooperation between Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and international institutes and universities.

2. Reinforce and develop relationships and networks between Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and international institutes.              

3. Support and promote students and staff exchange programs between Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and international institutes.

4. Support and facilitate the international context in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.


For more information : www.iao.cmru.ac.th

International Affairs Office

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, 4th fl. Building No. 27

202 Changpuak Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300

Tel: +66 53 885862  Fax: +66 53 885 865 

E-mail: iao@cmru.ac.th

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