Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

Programs Offered

We offer a wide range of programs in many academic disciplines as follows:

  Graduate Programs
  • Doctorate Degree 
  1. Ph.D. in Mekong and Salween River Basins Studies
  2. Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Human Resource Development
  3. Ph.D. in Community Energy and Environment
  • Master Degree
  1. M.A. in English Language Studies
  2. M.A. in Thai
  3. M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
  4. M.Ed. in Educational Administration
  5. M.S. in Biotechnology
  6. M.S. in Community Engergy and Environment
  7. M.S. in Science Teaching
  8. M.B.A. in Business Administration 
  9. M.P.H. in Public Health


  Undergraduate Programs
  • Education 
  1. B.Ed. in Agriculture
  2. B.Ed. in Art Education
  3. B.Ed. in Biology
  4. B.Ed. in Chinese
  5. B.Ed. in Chemistry
  6. B.Ed. in Computer Education
  7. B.Ed. in Dramatic Arts
  8. B.Ed. in English
  9. B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
  10. B.Ed. in Elementary Education
  11. B.Ed. in Industrial Technology Education
  12. B.Ed. in Mathematics
  13. B.Ed. in Music Education
  14. B.Ed. in Physics
  15. B.Ed. in Physical Education
  16. B.Ed. in Science
  17. B.Ed. in Social Studies
  18. B.Ed. in Thai
  • Arts and Laws
  1. B.A. in Dance and Theatre Arts
  2. B.A. in Business English
  3. B.A. in Psychology
  4. B.A. in Tourism
  5. B.A. in Business French
  6. B.A. in Chinese
  7. B.A. in Community Development
  8. B.A. in Cultural Studies
  9. B.A. in English
  10. B.A. in Fine and Applied Arts
  11. B.A. in Korean
  12. B.A. in Japanese
  13. B.A. in Information Science
  14. B.A. in Music
  15. B.A. in Thai Music
  16. B.A. in Thai
  17. LL.B. in Laws
  18. B.P.A. in Public Administration
  • Science and Public Health
  1. B.S. in Agriculture
  2. B.S. in Animal Sciences
  3. B.S. in Applied Statistics
  4. B.S. in Architecture Technology
  5. B.S. in Biology
  6. B.S. in Food Science and Technology
  7. B.S. in Plant Sciences
  8. B.S. in Geoinformatics
  9. B.S. in Physics
  10. B.S. in Chemistry
  11. B.S. in Computer Science
  12. B.S. in Construction Engineering Technology
  13. B.S. in Ceramic Technology
  14. B.S. in Environmental Science and Technology
  15. B.S. in Geo-informatics
  16. B.S. in Home Economics
  17. B.S. in Information Technology
  18. B.S. in Mathematics
  19. B.S. in Product Design
  20. B.S. in Programming and Web Security
  21. B.P.H. in Public Health
  • Business, Communication, Accountancy, and Economics
  1. B.B.A. in Business Computer
  2. B.B.A. in Business Computer (Continuing Program)
  3. B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship
  4. B.B.A. in Human Resource Management
  5. B.B.A. in International Business
  6. B.B.A. in Marketing
  7. B.B.A. in Marketing (Continuing Program)
  8. B.B.A. in Management
  9. B.B.A. in Management (Continuing Program)
  10. B.B.A. in Human Resource Management (Continuing Program)
  11. B.Com.A. in Mass Communication
  12. B.Acc. in Accountancy
  13. B.Econ. in Economics
  • International Programs
  1. B.A. in English for International Communication
  2. B.B.A. in Global Business Management
  3. B.A. in Business Chinese


  Training Courses at CMRU Language Center

English for Academic Purposes

  1. English Structure 1
  2. English Structure 2
  3. English Structure 3
  4. Basic Reading
  5. Basic Speaking
  6. Basic Writing
  7. Basic Listening
  8. TOEIC Preparation
  9. English for Presentation
  10. English Public Speaking
  11. Basic Translation

English for Work

  1. English for Restaurant and Hotel service
  2. English for Office Work
  3. English for Job Application and Interview
  4. Conversation in a Work Place

English for Fun

  1. English in the Online World
  2. The Melody of English: Learn English Though Music
  3. English Through Movies
  4. English for Travelers
  5. English Through News and Newspaper
  6. English Through Culture

Asian Languages

  1. Burmese
  2. Cambodian
  3. Chinese
  4. Japanese
  5. Korean
  6. Laos
  7. Vietnamese

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